Field Hockey

Upper 90 Houston Rules

1. All players must have a current Player ID Card to enter the playing field!

2. All players should wear shin guards and must wear shoes! (NO Cleats!)

3. Only 5 players will be allowed on the field during the game.

4. The clock will start at the scheduled game time. A minimum of 3 players must be present to play the game. Teams that do not arrive on time will be penalized a goal every 3 minutes that passes until 3 players are present or until 6 minutes have passed and the game is ruled as a forfeit.

5. If a goal kick travels from one defensive zone to the other in the air before contacting the floor, wall or another player, a dead ball will be whistled and will change possession.

6. A foul will be called on individual players for: Unnecessary contact or roughness, Player interference (pulling or pushing), Playing a ball while on the ground and/or Poor sportsmanship.

7. When a foul is called the opposing team will be awarded a free kick at the point of the foul, the offending team must allow 5 feet of space from the point where the ball is spotted. The free kick may be taken as soon as the kicking team has spotted the ball and is ready to restart. The kicking team may ask the official for 5 feet space, but is not required. Players that line up inside that space and touch the ball on a free kick will receive a yellow card!

8. Yellow Card offenses: Chewing Gum, Spitting on the field, any foul committed intentionally, illegal substitution, slide tackles, encroachment on any restart (free kick) and/or inappropriate language or disrespect toward the referee, scorekeeper or opponent. Card penalties do not accumulate as fouls.

9. Red Card (Ejections) offenses include but are not limited to: Fighting, Offensive language, Severe Unsportsmanlike behavior, Entering the field from the player box to join in a fight, Spitting at or on another person and /or second yellow card.

10. Substitutions are made on the fly; a substituting player must wait for the player they are replacing to leave the field (in the neutral area in front of his substitution door) before they may enter the field, the game clock will not stop. If while in the neutral area a player makes a play on the ball before his team mate has left the field it is also an illegal substitution.

11. The Goalkeeper may use his or her hands only when the BALL is inside the designated goalkeeper area. He may not bring the ball back into his area to pick it up with out the ball touching the back wall first.

12. After 5 fouls the opposing team will be awarded a shoot-out attempt from the penalty spot. The shooter will have 5 seconds after the whistle to dribble the ball to create an open shot. The remaining players will start from behind the midfield line, offense on the outside of circle and defense on the inside of circle.

Coed Rule Exceptions:
1) Adult Coed teams may have no more than 2 men on the field.
2) Men may only score only 2 goals each.
3) Women may score unlimited goals.



1.  All players must have their player registration cards in order to play.

2 . The following ARE NOT permitted:
                -No Cleats or Shoes with any type of cleat-like extensions (spikes, turf shoes, etc)
                -No Eyeglasses worn inside the bubble suit unless they are sports glasses with a head strap
                -No jewelry (watches, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings, nose rings, piercings: ear, eyebrow, belly, 

                 cartilage, hair barrettes, bobby pins, or anything sharp that could puncture or injure someone is not allowed. 

                -Covering with band-aid or tape is not acceptable
                -No pinning another player to the ground
                -No launching yourself at another player's legs and no pushing a players into a wall or corners
                -No striking a player when they are trying to stand back-up
                -No kicking another player or equipment (bubbles)
                -Proper attire must be worn (no clothing with zippers, no jeans or non-sports related clothing)
                -You may wear tennis shoes or choose to run barefoot, both permitted.

3. You may not exit the field unless you are leaving the game for a substitution.

4. At the beginning of each timed period, each team must start in their goalie box.  This is also the case after each score occurs. Once the ref blows the whistle you may go for the soccer ball.

5.  Anytime the referee blows his whistle, you must instantly stop and the game must be stopped until the referee says the game will recommence.

6. Each team is permitted one 2 minute timeout per period.

7. There will be three  12 minute periods with a 4 minute break in between each period.

8. You must remain in the bubble at all times during the game or in game play.  If you are injured or your bubble is punctured during the game, please let the referee know so that the game can be stopped for you to receive a replacement.

9. Please arrive at least 15-30 minutes before game time to ensure you have the proper attire, are comfortable in your bubble suit, and can review the game rules.

10. After completing the match, out of courtesy of others, we ask that you wash your bubble suit with the cleaner we provide and wipe them down thoroughly.  You made the stink so we ask you make it smell like a rose again.


1. Dodge ball is generally played with 7 players on each team
2.  Dodge ball is primarily self-refereed, and played with the honor system.   
     During league play, there are 2 referees, in which 1 is stationed at the
     end of the center line, and the other free running. Referees start the
     game, confirm hits and catches, and count ball possession time.
3. There are 8 balls, split into 2 even groups outside the center circle.
     During the opening rush, players must start inside the goalie box and
     must return the balls back to the goalie box to be able to throw the ball collected.
4.     You are out if:
                     -you step on or over a sideline or center line
                     -a thrown live ball hits your body
                     -you drop a attempted catch
                     -you throw a live ball and it is caught by an opponent

5.  A thrown live ball can hit out multiple players if it bounces off before hitting the floor.  Thrown  
     balls that hit the ground, the wall, other balls, or other objects before hitting the opponent are

     considered dead balls, and are ineligible to hit players out.
6.  You may block a thrown ball with a held ball. However, if you drop the
     blocking ball during the act of blocking, or if you fail to make a clean
     block (as in the thrown ball still ends up hitting or grazing your body
     afterwards), you are out.
7.  If you are out, line up inside the goalie box in the order you got out
     (think of it as being in an “resurrection” line). If your teammate catches
     a ball, the player at the start of your team’s “resurrection” line
     comes back into play (the player must be in the line at the time of the
     catch to be eligible to be brought back in).

8.  You can only hold a ball for 10 seconds, afterwards, it will be
      considered dead. Dead balls need to be rolled over immediately to the
      other team.
9.  If the game comes down to 1 player per side, they have 30 seconds to hit  
     each other out; if not, "Showdown" comes into effect. The game is
     paused, each player gets two balls, four balls are lined up outside the
     center circle, and the center line is dissolved. The first player to get
     the other player out wins.

10. Have fun, shake hands, make friends and be spirited!

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